By using the website or the CacheVote extension, the user agrees to the following privacy policy.

If you use the website or the offered browser extension CacheVote, the following data will be logged with each access:
IP address, user name, time, requested resource, amount of data transferred, successful retrieval notification, and web browser used.
This is for internal system-related purposes and is logged by each website by default. This so-called accesslog is not stored permanently.

When using the browser extension, the following data is also transmitted and stored:
GC username (=cacheVote username), password for cacheVote, rating, time of rating and geocache ID. In addition, the email address and your geocaching member ID will be saved during registration.
If you import your ratings from gcVote, your gcVote name will also be saved.
This data is required so that your ratings can be assigned to you.
If personal data is collected, this is done only with the consent of the user (e.g. by pressing a button or other controls).

All data is transported encrypted to the server using HTTPS. However, the provider points out that the transmission of data on the Internet (e.g. by e-mail) has security gaps and a complete protection of the data against access by third parties cannot be guaranteed. The provider assumes no liability for damages caused by such security vulnerabilities.

No personal data such as e-mail addresses, passwords or user names will be passed on to third parties or used for advertising purposes.
As long as the user does not decide to post the rating publicly (e.g. mentioning it in a geocachelog), the ratings are anonymous.

Messages sent to me via Google form (, email (,, or messaging (_Fabi) will only be stored for as long as necessary to process the request.

Of course, you have the right to receive information about all the data stored about you and you can also request the deletion of them. To do this, please write a short informal email to

If you, as the owner, do not want ratings of your caches, your caches can be excluded. This means that each user can only see their own rating of this cache.
The desire to exclude from the review must be explicitly expressed by the owner of the caches to me (_Fabi), by message via the message center. It is also necessary to prove the possession of the caches. Um dies teschnisch zu ermöglichen werden die Daten zum Cache (insbesondere die GC-ID) abgespeichert. Since the technical capability is not available, the exclusion must be requested again for each new cache (which was published after the last application).
A re-display of the ratings can be requested at any time.

According to the provisions of the various web extension stores, the “User Data Policy” including the “Limited Use Requirements” is complied with. These state that only the most necessary personal data for providing the functionality may be collected.
In addition, the browser extension does not require any special permissions.
Access to the website is required to display the rating for the cache on the page.
Access to the cacheVote website ( is required to save and retrive the ratings.
The Storage API is required to store settings and credentials for CacheVote in the browser.
The cookie API is required to identify the user currently logged into (Username and ID)